Please discuss your course requirements with your academic department and your IOF research supervisor. The IOF offers a series of FISH 500 fisheries courses, which all students are encouraged to take for official credit, or on audit at some point during your time at UBC. If you are planning to officially or unofficially audit a course, please obtain the permission of the instructor first. FISH 500 courses with low registration are subject to possible cancellation on or before the date of the first class.


Offered in Term 1

FISH 500 (3 credits) Issues in Fisheries Research: Seminars – Fisheries Management | Sumaila/Harley | Terms 1 & 2

FISH 520 (6 credits) Fisheries Conservation, Governance, and Evaluation | McAllister | Term 1

Offered in Term 2

FISH 500 (3 credits) Issues in Fisheries Research: Seminars – Fisheries Management | Pauly | Terms 1 & 2

FISH 504 (3 credits) Quantitative Analysis of Fisheries I | McAllister | Term 2

FISH 508 (3 credits) Fisheries Economics and Management | Sumaila | Term 2

FISH 510  (3 credits) Bayesian Decision Analysis for Fisheries Management | McAllister | Term 2

Offered in Summer 2017

FISH 505 (3 credits) Quantitative Analysis of Fisheries II | McAllister

Not Currently Offered

FISH 501 (3 credits) Ecosystem Modelling | Christensen

FISH 502 (3 credits) Issues in Fisheries Research: Marine and Freshwater

FISH 503 (3 credits) Science and Society in Aquatic Policy | Vincent

FISH 506E (3 credits) Issues in Fisheries Research: A History of Fisheries | Pitcher

FISH 509 (3 credits) Bayesian Methods for Fisheries Stock Assessment | McAllister



UBC graduate students may register to take FISH courses:

  • for credit via the Student Services website OR
  • for official audit using the Change Registration form at (instructor and admitting department signatures required; please provide a photocopy of completed form to the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries office)

In addition, students and non-students may take some FISH courses for unofficial audit by contacting the instructor to obtain permission and then sending an e-mail to